Abstract Submission

Abstracts Submission New Deadline: 18th of February 2018
Abstract Poster’s Dimensions: 80 CM (WIDTH) – 110 CM (HIGH)
Tape will be available on site provided by the Conference, in order for abstracts to be posted

You are kindly invited to submit your abstract at the 20th ICHS Symposium. All submitted posters will be visited by members of the ICHS council
during the poster viewing sessions, with certificates being awarded for the ‘best posters’ (one for clinical and one for laboratory research) presented
by a trainee or junior faculty (faculty appointed no more than 3 years from the completion of their training).
Please indicate in your submission that you are a trainee or junior faculty.
Certificates for the best posters will be awarded to the winners during the closing ceremony, Tuesday, June 20th 2018.  If an abstract  already presented
at an international meeting that has been updated or more recently analysed is submitted, then the ICHS council Scientific Committee will consider acceptance.
Poster guidelines and instructions will follow.

  • 1. Patients with cancer and hematological malignancies
  • 2. Stem cell transplantation
  • 3. Solid organ transplantation
  • 4. Viral infections, including HIV, influenza, herpes viruses
  • 5. Innate immunity and sepsis
  • 6. Autoimmune disease
  • 7. Surgery and intensive care
  • 8. Immunosuppressed children
  • 9. Other immunocompromised hosts
  • 1. All abstracts must be written in English
  • 2. State the title and the authors at the top of your abstract
  • 3. Please write the abstract with a word-processing program (Word Microsoft Office, Open Office, Pages Mac), check spelling and grammar,  proofread carefully.
  • 4. Maximum length of 2750 characters  INCLUDING spaces (approx. 400 words)
  • 5.  Abstracts may include tables (incl. in max. count of 2750 characters)
  • 6. Indicate the presenting author if different from the first author
  • 7. It must clearly indicate the Institution and country where the study was done
  • 8. Structure your abstract using the following headings: Introduction, Goals, Materials & Methods, Results
  • 9. Abstract authors must register for the Symposium by February 18, 2018 or inform us of withdrawal by this date
  • 10. Authors with more than one (1) abstracts should send them in separate files into one (1) email.
  • 11. The first author will be responsible of ensuring that ALL the authors agree with the contents of the abstract and its presentation in the 20th ICHS Symposium. By submitted your abstract you are authorizing publication of the document
  • 12.Abstracts must contain original material neither published nor presented elsewhere
  • 13.Authors will be notified of acceptance by Late February, 2018

Please note that the abstracts for the “20th ICHS Symposium” will not be available on line and will only be available to those registered for the Symposium in the form of an official Abstracts Book provided on the day of arrival. Authors of abstracts are entitled to Early Registration Fees or withdrawal of their abstract(s) until February 18, 2018. If by this date the registration fee has not be received, the abstract will neither be published in the abstracts book, nor will it be possible to present it at the Symposium.

Submission & Confirmation of Receipt
  1. To submit your Abstract please send by email the Word copy of your Abstract to sioran@ascentltd.gr
  2. After having submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by email including the Code Number of your Abstract.If you do not receive a confirmation within 48hours please contact: alkidis@ascentltd.gr
  3. Corrections to abstracts can only be made up to the deadline of February the 18th using the Code Number of your abstract.
  4. Travel Grands: ICHS will offer a limited number of travel grants to encourage trainees and young investigators, particularly, those from under developed countries, to attend the 20th Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host in Athens, Greece.  Awards of up to $1,000 (USD) will be available in two categories: 1) trainees (students, residents, fellows) and 2) junior faculty [whose research was performed in the first three years following graduation].  The travel grants are competitive in nature, with awards being granted for top quality abstracts as determined by an ICHS selection committee.  The applications (attached) must be accompanied by a copy of your abstract in one of the approved topics AND an institutional letter indicating that the applicant is / was performing research in the category for which they are applying. The deadline for submitting these applications is 20 March, 2018.  Please see WWW.ICHS.ORG for other information regarding the 20th ICHS Congress.